You can contact us by calling 902 400 477 or by email:

If you want to receive your information directly fill in the form on the web.

The Campus Residences of Albacete, Lleida, Castellón and Murcia are located on the university campus. The Cádiz Campus Residence is in the historic centre of the city, just a few minutes from the different faculties.

1º Call us or write us an email.

2º We will fix a date and time for your visit.

3º You will go around Campus facilities and we will answer all your questions

Visit us and get to know what will be your new home during your university experience!

All the information about the booking is included in the informative document that will be sent to you when completing this form

Most of our rooms are singles so whenever they are free one can be yours. Enjoy a room, kitchen and private bathroom is fine, but double rooms are always a great opportunity to make new friends.

We usually structure the double rooms separately, however, the mixed room option is fully open upon request.

As long as the room is free you can request the one you like the most. The address of the Residence will make the awards taking into account your preferences.

Of course, all rooms have a separate toilet with shower to make you feel at home.

You can come to the Campus Residence the weekend before the beginning of the course to organize all your things and get off to a good start.

At Easter and Christmas the Campus Residence is still your home. Our residence is open 365 days a year, if you want to continue in it during the summer we will formalize it in the contract.

Find out about the conditions for short stays.

You can decorate it to your liking provided that at the end of the year you leave it as you found it.

Yes. All residences have a laundry room with professional washers and dryers and an iron. All machines work with coins.

All residences include in the internet-Wi-Fi price.

Water, gas and electricity consumption expenses are not included, you will pay a fixed amount per month that will later be regularized according to your consumption, with the exception of Cádiz that does include them in the monthly price.

Albacete, Lleida, Castellón and Murcia have mailboxes. In the case of online shipping packages, if you are not in the residence, they will be received at the concierge desk.

In Campus you are the owner of your day to day, you decide when you enter and when you leave and manage your free time, your fun and your study. But remember: always respecting the tranquillity of others.

There are visiting hours so you can share and show your residence to your friends or family. If you want any of them to stay to sleep on time, it will be under the authorization of the Management.

There are incident sheets available where maintenance personnel will be notified. In case of emergency there is a concierge phone.

Yes during the period of duration of your lease.